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Senior health

Home visit

Skin care and body treatments.
Facial treatment, foot care, manicure, dyeing eyebrows/lashes, massage, lymphatic massage, Indian head massage.
You combine the treatments you want. 


Health consultation for FriskVård.
Diet advice/food as medicine.
Individual dietary supplement programs that strengthen you.
Tests/analyses to find possible deficiencies/imbalances: Hair mineral analysis, food test, hormone test etc.
Gentle measures for eg: gastrointestinal problems, aches, obesity, allergies, diagnoses.

Movement training.
Light exercises, medical yoga and stretching that you can incorporate into everyday life.

Healthy diet.
I offer help with shopping, preparation, cleaning the fridge. All this for a more healthy and energetic life!

Helping hand for private home service & care:
• company • togetherness • errands • cooking • fixing • organizing • cleaning • laundry • dancing • singing • movement • walking

Welcome to contact me for your wishes and needs!

Sincerely, Monica

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