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Classic Massage

For swelling and cleansing of waste products. Massage affects the autonomic (non-will-controlled) nervous system, the calming hormone oxytocin is released, the immune system is strengthened, blood and lymph circulation increases, tense muscles soften, counteracts stress, increases concentration, gives increased body awareness, gives deeper and calmer breathing, detoxifies from slag.

Lymphatic flow massage

The lymphatic system is an important part of the body's circulation. It is a system that runs parallel to the veins. At the pit of the clavicle, it connects with the blood circulation, where it empties lymph fluid and slags for further transport to the kidneys, out via the urine. We have lymphatic pathways throughout the body, and about 600-800 lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, abdomen, groin. 

A functioning lymphatic system relieves the heart. The body forms about 2-4 liters of lymph fluid per day. Lymph is a colorless liquid  of water, protein, white blood cells, slags. This fluid needs to be removed to avoid swelling and weight gain. Lymphatic drainage is a cleansing process, a fluid-driving massage.

Indisk huvdmassage

Indian head massage

Indian champissage has been used for thousands of years on the Indian continent. Head, shoulders, neck, face are massaged with soft and sometimes powerful movements that free the area from tension, and leave a pleasant feeling of peace and calm. 

A touch therapy that releases energy. Customer is sitting on a chair with clothes on.

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