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Nutritional medicine regimen

- High quality food supplements for health -

Guidance and health recipes for nutritional supplements!​

Would you like guidance in tailoring a regimen for you with high-quality nutritional supplements? 

Nutritional medicine such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants are gentle on our bodies. 
Individual guidance on which dietary supplements and which dosage you should take.

You describe your symptoms and your health history.

Why dietary supplements? Are dietary supplements necessary?

Vitamins and minerals make us live and function. Every process in the body needs these vital nutrients.

We may need to supplement the food with nutritional supplements, as the food is often depleted of nutrients. 


I tailor a nutritional supplement program for you after reviewing your health status and symptoms. Fill in the FABhere!

Nutritional supplements should be taken to achieve balance in the body as imbalances lead to various symptoms. If the mineral intake does not change the imbalance, synergistic nutritional supplements should be given in conjunction with the mineral in question and antagonists should be reduced. 


You can supplement with one or more tests/analyses for faster guidance. 


What tests & lab analyzes can show imbalances/deficiencies/surpluses?


Hair mineral analysis    Read more here!

Vitamin D test   Read more here!

Fatty acid test    Read more here!

Alpha plus: 


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- The body is a master builder and when it receives good building materials it can build a strong and healthy body -
- You can trace every disease and develop a mineral deficiency / Linus Pauling - 
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