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-The big question in life is: what are you doing for yourself? Everyone is looking for a good one

"Doctor". I am looking for a good patient.

/ Bernard Jensen, Naturopathic Doctor -


Living food

Living food! Living Food! Simple, tasty, fun! To give the body optimal nutrition and energy.
Raw living vegan enzyme-rich alkaline food!
Learn the concept of this lifestyle/food culture!

Where the food:
- not heated above 42 degrees. 
- where nutrients are preserved.
– is rich in enzymes. 
– has vitality.
– is easily digested/easily absorbed.
– fresh, unrefined, unprocessed ingredients.
- prepared by soaking, sprouting, fermenting, mixing, drying. 

- It is not the food in your life that gives health. It's the life in your food that counts. 

Let food be your medicine and medicine your food -

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