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Health & Skincare

-  Energy, healthy and fresh - 

Health for Men

Have you lost your energy and strength? 
Do you have high blood pressure, obesity, potency problems, allergies, stiffness, headaches?
I guide you to simple necessary lifestyle changes to regain your vitality and zest for life and reach your vitality. Our bodies are fantastic at being able to regenerate, when it has the right wood and conditions. 
Book an initial consultation meeting! 
We are going through:
– your health status
- dietary advice
– Dietary supplements
– negative lifestyle factors
We choose the health package solution that suits you with:
– nutritional medicine (minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, etc.)
– tests/analyses to find nutritional deficiencies/imbalances (hormone test, hair mineral analysis, food allergy test, fatty acid test, gene test)
– follow-up times, schedule. 

Man Drinking Water

Skincare for Men

Skin care treatments for a fresher look! 

Book individual treatments or the entire skincare package:

Facial - for shine and softness, away with blackheads and dry skin.

Eyebrow pick - grooming of unruly brows.

Manicure - for fresh hands and nails.

Chiropody -  soft, well-groomed feet. 

Waxing of back.

Back pore cleaning.

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