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Health consultation

- It is normal to be healthy, it is not normal to be sick.
It is easier to prevent than to cure -

I guide you to simple necessary lifestyle changes to regain your vitality, zest for life, and reach your vitality. 

Our bodies are fantastic at being able to regenerate, when it has the right wood and conditions. 


We are going through:
- your health status

- your lifestyle

- your health history 
- dietary advice
- food supplements
- negative lifestyle factors

We choose the health package solution that suits you with:

- nutritional medicine (minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, etc.)
- tests/lab analyzes to find nutritional deficiencies/imbalances (hormone test, hair mineral analysis, food allergy test, fatty acid test, genetic test)
- follow-up times, schedule. 

Image by Emma Simpson

What is functional medicine? 

Functional medicine looks for the cause of illness and the symptoms. And treats the whole person. Functional medicine was developed in the USA in the 90s and represents a paradigm shift in health and healthcare.


How does a nutritional therapist work?

A trained nutritional therapist has studied anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutritional physiology and clinical nutrition. In clinical nutrition, we use individual dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements to improve health.
A nutritional therapist develops treatment programs to optimize each person's genetic potential.

Naturopathic doctor
A naturopath is a therapist with broad alternative medicine competence and higher basic medical training determined by the Swedish Naturläkarförbundet (SNLF). German heilpraktikers, naturopaths, belong to a professional group approved by the German state. The naturopathic profession is also found in the USA, Canada, England, Australia. They are called Nature doctor, Naturopathic dr, Naturopathic physician. In 1975, SNLF, the Swedish Association of Naturopathic Physicians, was formed. 

The health care of the future is health care and nutrition-oriented therapies.
Prevent illness and suffering and invest in your health! Functional medicine, nutritional therapy, dietary advice, coaching and guidance are a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Knowledge of lifestyle changes, nutrition and health gives you security and a positive sense of self. Alternative medicine - gentle on your body. Functional medicine and nutritional medicine look for imbalances in the body's biochemistry. Measures functional disorders in the body's organs and organ systems. Cause-oriented treatment instead of suppressing symptoms, as school medicine is. Treats preventively and individually. As a nutritional therapist, I guide you. I guide to healthy lifestyle, strong immune system and natural sustainable health. With nutrition! Without poisons. Gentle, uplifting, preventive methods for your body.

"My mission is to spread awareness and knowledge about our own health and give support and measures how we go about it! As a naturopath, I guide how we can strengthen and repair our self-regenerating and self-healing body with lifestyle changes. How we can prevent disease and suffering, and provide our body with the right building materials”.

We also carry outskin care treatments and body treatments as a complement when desired.


Facial treatment, pore cleaning, lymphatic massage, foot care


Does it sound interesting?

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