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Pregnancy health

- Preparation for expecting a child. For life -

Health before pregnancy

Expecting a child is one of nature's wonders! As a mother, you want to give your child the best possible start in life!
I guide you in this important time how to strengthen your body and health. For you and the life you will carry within you. 
From conception to birth, the child is dependent on the mother for vital nutrition, health and normal development. The growing fetus receives all its nutrition from the placenta, which in turn draws nutrition from the mother's blood.
The state of nutrition is of decisive importance for the development of the fetus.
We are going through
– your health status:
- health advice before pregnancy
- dietary advice
– Dietary supplements
– negative lifestyle factors
- health advice before childbirth
- health advice before breastfeeding
We choose the health package solution that suits you with:
– nutritional medicine/dietary supplement regimen
– tests/analyses to find nutritional deficiencies/imbalances
- follow-up times. 

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Nutritional regimen to order:

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